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What you are about to read is something that you probably don't wish to:


However, if you're truly motivated to make a positive change for a better future, then please read on.

But you probably already know that diets don't work. No doubt you've tried every weight-loss plan known to man (and woman) and are resigned to the fact that they just don't work for you - and the reason they don't work is because they don't produce sustainable change.

We all know that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle and that being overweight has a proven link to a higher risk of suffering serious effects of conditions such as Covid-19.

Often, and in spite of what we feel are our best efforts, we seem unable to control our eating habits or achieve a sustainable weight loss for any significant period of time. But weight control is not about that latest fad diet because diets rarely bring about lasting change in our attitudes, emotional responses and habits towards our food. Diets do not address the root causes of why we overeat.

Most people overeat because of emotional or habitual reasons; we eat to satisfy our minds and not because we are physically hungry.
How many times do we set out to lose weight and spend the whole time telling ourselves that we're not going to think about food? It's like the "Pink Elephant in the Room" - if you're told not to think of a "Pink Elephant in the Room", you'll go straight ahead and think of it! It's exactly the same with food. Our brain automatically focuses on food even though we tell it not to think about it.

Changing the role food plays in our lives is the key to successful long-term weight control. It is all about creating a healthy mental relationship with food and exercise and this is what we try to do during hypnotherapy.

In Hypnotherapy, we focus together on the Solution rather than the Problem. This approach is hugely successful and encourages you to re-build your self-esteem so that you begin to feel good about yourself, because when we feel good about ourselves we feel motivated and therefore we are far more likely to achieve our goals.

It will help you address the cause of your particular Weight Control issue and help you to make changes in your life so that any unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be altered.  During the positive state of trance, as your therapist, I will access your subconscious mind to bring about a change in your old eating habits and to resolve any emotional reasons for over-eating etc, helping you to make sustainable lasting changes, to eat healthily and at the same time manage your weight in a safe and natural way.

If the problem has been 'weighing heavy' on your mind, NOW is the time to tale the first step. 

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