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I see many different clients for many different reasons, whether it's to quit smoking, lose weight, for panic attacks, fears and phobias, just to feel better about themselves or to move forward with a particular issue that's affecting their life. Without doubt, the one theme common to them all is the DESIRE FOR CHANGE. Most will have tried various other ways of achieving their goals but without success. Many arrive feeling sceptical about Hypnotherapy but often leave with the thought, "Why didn't I do this years ago??!"

The thing that surprises most people new to Hypnotherapy is that they are in control and they determine the success of their own treatment; I am merely a facilitator in their therapy and the guide on their individual journey.


Many of us are creatures of habit and tend to live our lives on auto pilot because that’s what we’ve always done and, quite frankly, for most people it’s comfortable. But deep down, are we always happy with that? Perhaps there’s something you think you should be doing better or looking at in a different way. Perhaps, without even knowing it, there’s an issue from your past that’s limiting your present and preventing you from moving forward. How many times do we make New Year resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight; to stop feeling so stressed all the time or to get help with physical or psychological pain that won't go away but we still find that yet another year goes by and nothing has changed?

The main thing that always holds us back is FEAR – principally fear of change. We believe that change can't happen or it's slow and painful and thus we imagine that change will be a frightening thing.

But just imagine for a moment that you did make those changes; how would your life be different? Perhaps you’re thinking about:
Feeling happier about yourself in general

Tackling an issue that's affecting your life

Being more in control

Having more freedom to do what you want to do

Now imagine that these could be a reality…  That’s where Hypnotherapy can help.

The most relaxing way to change your life

It’s probably the most powerful and effective tool you could ever have in your journey to success, health and happiness.

Hypnotherapy is your investment in you!

Some of the most popular uses for Hypnotherapy are:

Quit Smoking

Weight Control & Healthy Eating

General & Specific Anxiety

Panic Attacks

Fears & Phobias (Flying, Dentists, Spiders etc.)

Driving Anxiety

Stress & Anger Management

Alcohol Control

Pain Control & Pain Relief

Relaxation For Childbirth

General Relaxation

Unwanted Habits (Nail Biting etc.)

Exam & Driving Test Nerves

Public Speaking & Performance Anxiety

Boosting Self-Confidence & Raising Self-Esteem

And many more

Using various techniques tailored directly to your specific needs, I can help you to overcome these and many more issues.
You can learn more by visiting the THERAPIES page.

"This was something I'd never experienced before but I can confidently say that the hypnotherapy session we went through together has been extremely worthwhile and beneficial and I have no problems in recommending you to friends, family and colleagues" 
Kim (Melton Mowbray)

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